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College of Nursing Scholarships for New Students

The President's Scholarship
This Scholarship is awarded to new students who maintain a high honors level pre-nursing GPA (minimum 3.55). A FAFSA must be filed.

College of Nursing (CON) Scholarship
This Scholarship is based on Socio-economic factors. Students with financial need are encouraged to apply. A FAFSA must be filed.

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College of Nursing Scholarships for Currently Enrolled Students

Due to the generosity of individuals and businesses, Institutional and Private College of Nursing Scholarships/Loans are available to undergraduate and graduate students at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing. Many are listed below. Additional Scholarship/Loan Funds may also be considered. These Scholarships are available only to students currently enrolled at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing. Current students will be notified when applications are available online. Current Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing Students only need to complete one application to be considered for all eligible scholarships. Deadline is April each year.

President's Scholarship
This prestigious scholarship was developed by the College of Nursing to recognize superior high honors level academic performance.
Criteria: Minimum 3.55 CON GPA.

"Living the Dream" Brian Alexander Scholarship
As a 1993 graduate of Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, Brian Alexander was a critical care nurse in Medical ICU until his tragic death at age 44. He had previously worked in Dietary, Admitting & Bed Control before achieving his goal of graduating from the College of Nursing. When asked how he was doing, his inevitable reply would be "Living the dream!" This scholarship defines the very essence of Brian Alexander and how he would want to assist another potential Registered Nurse to "Live the Dream".
Criteria: OSF employee, Enrolled minimum of 6 semester hours or more in BSN or RN-BSN program, Min 2.0 GPA, FAFSA Completion Required, priority to those with financial need.

Cooper Family Leadership Scholarship
This scholarship was established by the Cooper family in honor of faculty member, Paulette Archer's Doctoral accomplishment and in memory of mother, father and sister who have passed away.
Criteria: Must serve in a leadership role at the College as a Senator, member of the Senate Executive Board, Student Nurses Association, member of the Student Nurses Association Executive Board, Students Offering Support, Residence Assistant or representative of a faculty committee including the Graduate Committee, Must show consistent involvement in the leadership role, Must have at least one semester remaining in the nursing program, Must be registered for the Fall semester.

Dewitt Community of Caregivers Scholarship
Established by Dr. Phillis Dewitt. The Dewitt family cared for over 100 foster children since 1985 and have provided permanent homes for 10. Having lived in foster care, Phillis knows first-hand the obstacles often faced by those who have gone through the foster care system and understands that it takes a community of caregivers to help the vulnerable. Many friends and family members helped ease the challenges of raising a large evolving family. This scholarship is established to help ease the burden and raise awareness of the value of becoming part of a community of caregivers responsible for helping others in times of crises.
Criteria: Full time BSN student, Financial Need, good academic standing, must show a commitment to being part of a community of caregiver and  to help those in need, Priority to student touched in some way by Foster Care.

Tony Dewitt “Keep On Dancing” Scholarship
Established by Dr. Phillis Dewitt in loving memory of her husband Tony Dewitt. He was a great example of positive living and often repeated the quote “I get up, I walk, I fall down, meanwhile I keep dancing.” He modeled that quote for the entire 12 years he suffered with cancer. He was always positive and encouraging to those around him. He was cared for by many wonderful nurses who shared his humor, listened to his stories and truly made a difference. He encouraged and uplifted his friends, his family, his co-workers and his community.
Criteria: Fulltime BSN students, Financial Need, Priority to student who has overcome a challenging hardship.

Philip L. Graves & Carol Kenney Graves Endowed Scholarship
This endowed scholarship was established to honor wife, Carol Kenney Graves and in recognition of her spirit of giving and compassions particularly for those who experienced the difficult struggle to carry on as a single parent.
Criteria: Single parent with custody of children, enrolled minimum of 6 semester hours or more, min 2.0 GPA, preference to those with financial need

Angela E. (Mattingly) Hank Endowed Scholarship
As a 1944 Cum Laude graduate from St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing, Angela (Mattingly) Hank worked at St. Francis Hospital, private duty nursing and geriatric nursing until her retirement in 1985. She ministered to her ailing husband until his death in 1997. She continued to volunteer her nursing services in the community until she passed away in 2006. This scholarship was created in loving memory by her eight children. It is intended to help recipients reach their goal of becoming a Registered Nurse, so that they too can have the opportunities of a life long career in nursing and helping others.
Criteria: Enrolled full or part time in undergraduate BSN program, Preference given to min 3.0 GPA, Financial Need (the following criteria will be considered if there are multiple equally qualified applicants - Graduate of Henry Senachwine High School, Resident of Marshall or Putnam county, working single parent).

Carmella (Knoblauch)Kapraun Scholarship (class of 1947)
Established by her children, in loving memory and tribute to Carmella’s life of caring and giving to others.
Criteria: good academic standing, financial need.

William D. Martin Memorial Scholarship
Established by Kimberly Martin Pearson (class of 1984) and family in loving memory of their father and with gratitude for the nurses who make a difference in the lives of the patients and families they touch.
Criteria: BSN Student, Full-time, good academic standing, financial need.

Terri O'Hern Render/MaryJane O'Hern Scholarship
Terri O'Hern Render was an enthusiastic life-long learner who adapted to a variety of roles and challenges. Despite adversity, she brought joy to others with her energy and humor. This scholarship is a tribute to Terri and the time she spent teaching at Saint Francis School of Nursing while her husband served in the Vietnam War as well as to her mother who wanted to help students with this scholarship in Terri's memory.
Criteria: Full-time enrollment, FAFSA Completion Required.

Earl and Miriam Swords Endowment
This endowment was created out of the generosity of Earl and Miriam Swords to financially assist students to meet their goal of becoming a Registered Nurse.
Criteria: Full-time enrollment, minimum 3.0 GPA, preference may be given to those with financial need.

Ada Oetgen Memoria Scholarship
Established to honor Ada Oetgen, a 1945 graduate, a valued faculty member who played an integral part in Saint Francis diploma program transition to a bachelor's degree program in the 1980's, and a strong student advocate until her retirement in 1994.
Criteria: Enrolled full time, good academic standing, financial need.

Unrestricted Institutional Scholarships:

College of Nursing Scholarship Fund
Including generous gifts from:
Scott Kuntz
Dr. Roswell Daniels
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Cashman
Sue Swietek Memorial

Mary Ann C. Knell and Rose M. Crabill Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Paul Estes Endowed Scholarship

SFMC College of Nursing Scholarship Endowment in Honor of Ensign Anne Fischbach

Beatrice S. Hight Fund (Scholarship or Loan)

Dr. Rita Endowed Scholarship

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Private Scholarships Affiliated with the College of Nursing

Applications submitted will also be considered for the following organizations affiliated with the College of Nursing.

Alumni Scholarship
This scholarship is provided through donations from SFMC College of Nursing Alumni Association.
Criteria: BSN or Graduate student in good academic standing. Priority to student with family member who is an alumni. Graduate Student must be a SFMC College of Nursing Alumni Association member in good standing.

Tau Omicron Scholarship
This Scholarship was established for members of Tau Omicron chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society at the College of Nursing.
Currently enrolled as Full-time or part-time student in undergraduate or graduate program, Member in good standing of Tau Omicron – dues paid, Registered for upcoming semester.

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RA Waiver Program (Undergraduate) 

Students who have been approved as a Resident Assistant at the College are offered a $2250 per semester waiver.

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Employment (Undergraduate & Graduate)

The College does not participate in the College Work Study Program; however, many of our students have found employment at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.  (Also see "Tuition Assistance OSF Saint Francis Medical Center programs for employees.)  For a listing of employment opportunities click here.

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