New Graduate Student Orientation

Welcome, we are excited to have you join our College of Nursing (CON) family. Orientation provides you with the information you need to make the most of your CON experience.

After completion of the admissions application, all new students are required to complete Student Orientation to become familiar with college life, understand what is expected from you as a student, and learn about college programs and services that will help you succeed in college. 

The orientation will take approximately 2 hours to complete. We encourage you to carefully review each section of the orientation as it will provide you with valuable information to help you succeed in college.

Note: you must close the current section before opening the next to prevent the videos from playing over the top of each other.


Greeting from President

Expectations of Graduate Student; Adviser and Mentor Role Information

Finance and Student Accounts

Health Nurse



Process for Obtaining ID Badge

Process for obtaining Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing ID badges for distance Graduate students (Living further than 50 miles away from campus).

Upon completion of your application and acceptance into the college, the following process must be completed 2 weeks prior to class in order to receive your ID badge:

  1. Human resources (HR) will have all completed Photo ID forms with a list of new students for that specific semester.
  2. Student will email their picture to HR so they can match the form with a name and make a badge.
  3. The photo background needs to be a plain dark background, preferably a dark royal blue and should be a head shot including the upper shoulders (Can use a photography service used for Passport pictures).
  4. Email your picture to with "CON Student Badge Photo" as the subject
  5. Badges will then be mailed to your home address.

If you live within the 50 miles of campus, you will be expected to go to HR and get your picture ID completed.

All clinical/practicum courses require a student ID badge be worn visibly on the chest whenever you are in the student role, regardless of institution. This is in compliance with the College of Nursing policy.


The document below contains the RN to MSN and RN to BSN Portfolio information.

Icons | Word IconPortfolio Information


By completing this evaluation you are indicating that you understand the content of the orientation videos and are responsible for the information provided.

Orientation Evaluation Survey

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